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8 Things I Will Miss About Pregnancy And 8 Things I’m Glad Is Over

The pregnancy days are over for me. Here are some things I’m going to miss about this chapter of my life and things that were not so fun!

I have had to come to the sudden realization that I’m done having more children. My husband got a vasectomy done in December and it was a hard process to come to terms with. I navigated my whole last pregnancy (my third) knowing that this was probably my last one. Still, the pain of the last baby was a hard adjustment for me.

In order to close this chapter behind me, I’m going to be sharing my list of eight things I’m going to miss about that stage and time period of my life. Not only am I going to share those good things, but also going to be sharing the eight that I’m glad I won’t have to deal with ever again.

Raising My Three and Me presents… eight things I will miss about pregnancy, plus eight things that I’m glad I never have to experience again.

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Okay, time to go back to the content!

Please note that I’m aware that pregnancy is a wonderful thing that so many people go through extreme emotions in order to get this experience. I’m also aware that not all pregnant-abled people identify as a woman. This post is not meant to hurt, belittle, anger, or upset other people. This is just my story and my personal experience.

I completely understand that others would gladly go through these hoops in order to become parents. My heart goes out to everyone who is hurting through this and I’m wishing you healing during this process and the best of luck for your future to parenthood.

I’m extremely fortunate that all three of my known pregnancies all resulted in healthy babies, this is not to complain as I’m incredibly thankful. However, this is a transparent post and I hope that it helps somebody going through this chapter of their parenting journey.

This is also just a list of solid pregnancy moments – there will be no “meeting the baby” parts – please stay tuned for a future blog post where I talk about things I will miss about the baby stages!

Things I Will Miss

Watching my baby grow through sonogram appointments

One of the first things that I’m desperately going to miss about pregnancy is the appointments where you receive sonograms. Seeing your child grow from a tiny blob into a human baby is a beautiful and amazing experience.

I’m going to miss seeing the baby wiggle around, watching the body parts form, and those 3D ultrasounds? They are AWESOME!

Finding out the gender of my child

Following closely behind the sonogram appointments, I’m going to miss finding out the gender of the baby who is growing inside of me. All three of my kids are girls – I never got to experience what finding out I’m having a boy is like!

I love being able to have that excitement and trying out Old Wives Tales to guess what gender my baby was going to be. I loved the excitement of the special sonogram where I would be down in the main parts of the hospital in order to check their organs and whatnot – but I was most excited about figuring out more of my little one.

I found out all three times at that appointment, but I love the gender reveal party. Personally, I was too excited to wait any longer. I liked that intimacy with my husband of finding out if we were having a son, or, like all three of our kids, a daughter.

I’m going to miss that excitement, the happiest “unknown” there is.

Making the decision of what to name the baby

I love baby names and plan to do a whole bunch of blog posts in the future on baby name ideas! I would drive my husband absolutely crazy during this process, but I loved looking through lists and picking out my favorites.

I’m going to miss being able to choose a first and middle name for my child. Even though this can be a hard process for parents to be!

If you’re curious here are the names of our children:

Aubri Triniti is our oldest,

Everly Rose is our middle,

and Mia Esmerae is our last.

Taking photographs throughout my pregnancy

I’m going to miss taking pictures of my baby bump growing throughout the duration of growing a baby inside of me. I was so horrible at remembering to do this, but whenever I look back, it’s so crazy to see just how big my belly stretched out.

Although (and this is sort of cheating since this is not on my list) managing that baby bump is so challenging! I bumped my belly off of so many things and my small shower got even smaller!

We also had maternity sessions, my friend took my photos with my oldest, and our younger two did our own pictures. I’m going to miss taking these sorts of pictures. In fact, all of the photos in this blog post are some from our session when I was pregnant with Mia.

Going shopping for baby clothes

One of my favorite things to shop for is clothing for the baby. I love the patterns, the colors, and the cute little creatures on it. My favorites are long-sleeve bodysuits, onesies, and cute little sleeper gowns!

I still have 90% of the clothing for my little ones. It’s why I’m learning how to use a sewing machine because I want to make a quilt out of their baby clothes for myself!

I’m going to miss buying baby clothes for my future little one.

Feeling the gentle baby kicks and movements

Notice how I said gentle movements? I love being able to feel my child moving inside of me. This is so much fun when the little flutters can be felt by others more easily. My first was the only time my placenta wasn’t anterior – she was the only one I felt move a lot.

I’m going to miss feeling the baby move when I’m talking, or when I place my hand on my belly. I’m going to miss that bond that only I share with my child.

No more period

Probably one of the best things about pregnancy is that you don’t have to worry about your period. I loved being able to wear whatever color of clothing that I wanted without worrying about my period coming out of nowhere. It was nice not to have to track my periods or worry about ovulation and pregnancy.

No, my period is here to stay now, and I’m not looking forward to it. 😂

The joy of eating my cravings.

I view pregnancy as eating whatever I wanted without having to stress out. I stressed out, a lot, with my first baby on what I ate and I gained the most weight with her.

I’m going to miss not only asking for whatever food that I wanted, but that euphoria after indulging in what you (and your baby) desperately wanted to have.

It was almost like a little mystery game whenever I had a craving and couldn’t quite figure it out. But that pure joy after getting it into my system? I’m going to miss it!

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Things I Will NOT Miss

All of the aches and pains

Not having a period for 40ish weeks was met with its own set of not-so-fun aches and pains. Your body is stretching to amazing limits and it’s painful. The sore feet, the achy breasts, not being able to be comfortable, and, for me, SPD.

My second pregnancy was the hardest on my body. I don’t know if she was just positioned weird, or what, but my hips would pop out of place A LOT. It was beyond painful and uncomfortable.

I know that a lot of people claim that pregnancy is not a reason to take it easy, that it’s “not a disability” – but pregnancy is extremely painful for a lot of women. All three of my pregnancies were difficult and I am so happy that I will not have to feel that sort of pain.

The only escape from this pain is the most painful transition from pregnancy to motherhood – labor and delivery! But that’s a post for another time.

Cervix checks

One weird thing about pregnancy is you suddenly learn a whole lot about the anatomy of your body. I have a high cervix and I absolutely hated cervix checks so much that I’m forever traumatized by the experience.

A cervix check, for those of you who may not figure it out, or know what I’m talking about, is when the provider reaches their hand up into your vagina to check your cervix for the station, dilation, and all that jazz.

Here’s an even more fun fact: none of this matters until you’re actually in labor. At least, not in my experience.

Kick counting

Kick counting is hell for a pregnant mother. I absolutely will NOT miss worrying about tracking how many times my baby moved. I was terrified whenever the baby would be moving less and found myself rushing to the hospital, crying, and worrying until I could get the baby to move.

I’m not going to miss that stress.

Announcing my pregnancy to others

I hated announcing my pregnancy to other people. I never got to experience that extreme excitement from others and that fear of disappointment or lecture really took away from the joy of announcing that I was expecting a child.

I’m not talking about those that are hurt by pregnancy announcements. I’m talking about being so afraid of being judged that I couldn’t even be fully excited about being pregnant, despite wanting kids my entire life.

Suffering through morning sickness and food aversions

I was a lucky mom-to-be because I didn’t get so sick that I would live in the bathroom. Still, with my pregnancy with my middle daughter, my morning sickness was so bad that I laid on the floor for the whole first trimester.

I was expecting morning sickness, but I had no clue about food aversions. I had no clue that a smell or a thought could make me feel so sick. With my first, just the thought of alfredo sauce made me cry. With my middle, it was oatmeal cream pies, and with my baby, it was the smell of my husband’s coffee.

It’s nice to be able to walk around my kitchen without feeling like a bloodhound on duty.

The wacky emotions.

One of the things that tipped me off of all of my pregnancies was how extra emotional I was over silly stuff. With my first pregnancy, I bawled my eyes out while watching my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, playing the campaign in Call of Duty. With my second, I randomly started to cry thinking of all of the stray animals being cold during winter, and with the baby, believe it or not, was another video game campaign.

I even asked my husband if he remembered and all he did was laugh about crying about the Call of Duty campaign with our first daughter. He was laughing so hard it took him a few minutes to reply!

With all of the extra emotions, I would cry a lot more, but the worst about it is the dreadful and horrible nightmares that I would have. I would wake up crying at how bad they were. A horror story writer would be able to pull any of my nightmares and make a great income off of it.

It’s nice to be able to sleep much better now.

All of the fears that comes with pregnancy

From the fear of miscarriage, to stillborn, to labor complication, pregnancy was a constant worry for me. I felt like I was worried about everything and constantly counting down for the next milestone.

That fear of your children’s safety never goes away, but that fear while pregnant does.

Having to practically live in the hospital

With all of the appointments, false labor trips, and the end of the pregnancy, I hated having to constantly go to the hospital. I don’t like leaving my apartment as it is, it makes me anxious, but all of the trips to hospitals (which also makes me anxious) was hard on my mental health and I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about that again.

Well, besides all of the pediatrician appointments! 😂


Pregnancy is something that I will always be thankful that I experienced and I’m going to miss a lot about that time period in my life. I love being a mother and loving having the ability to be transparent on my blog about the not-so-fun things that I will happily never go through again.

Those of you who have closed this chapter behind you, what is something that you will (and will not) miss about pregnancy?


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