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I Gave My Daughter Her Dream Day

What would happen if you gave your child their dream day? I tried it and this is how it went!

My oldest daughter asked to be a part of my blog and so we were looking for ideas on what to write together. I had this idea creep up inside of me, and I was a little skeptical, but I asked if she wanted to see what a dream day would be like.

She asked what a dream day was. I had talked to her about Yes Days in the past. If you have children of your own, you probably know that they ask for a lot of things. I love my children, I love them a lot, but I was so terrified of forming a Yes Day that I just never got around to putting it on the calendar.

But it was too late. She was interested and without much plan, or preparation, I told her that we were going to do her Dream Day and we are going to do it that day.

My daughter, who is easily excited, was ecstatic over this news. I, on the other hand, was super tired already. I didn’t sleep well and I panic whenever I cannot plan for something. Still, to see how happy she was, I knew I needed to do this and see:

  1. How did it impact our relationship?
  2. Would doing these things help her behavior?
  3. What would it do for my thoughts on my motherhood journey?
  4. What activities would she pick?
  5. Would I survive until the end of the day?

It was about 7 in the morning and we were sitting at my desk and I took out the notebook. I asked her what five activities would she want to do during this Dream Day. We looked at the list and I sort of intervened a little too much because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going around everywhere. Still, I was surprised about what she ended up with.

  1. Play Fortnite.
  2. Play a board game.
  3. Watch a movie.
  4. Go to the library.
  5. Have ice cream.

Raising My Three and Me presents… I gave my daughter her dream day.

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Okay, time to go back to the content!

First Activity: Ice Cream

I decided to start this day off with a sugar rush and asked if she would like to have ice cream for breakfast. What kid doesn’t want ice cream for breakfast? I remember as a child, it would have been my dream to have ice cream first thing in the morning.

My daughter was so surprised that she kept asking “Are you kidding me?!”

I laughed and told her that I was completely serious.

She was so happy and even offered the last of my favorite Strawberry Shortcake ice creams while she had a chocolate popsicle Her sisters were excited to join her on this activity.

Activity Two: Board Games

We love board games in our family so I was not really surprised when my daughter picked this for an activity. I told her that she could play whatever she wanted and even expected to swap games if she wanted.

She chose to play Candy Land. and that was a huge surprise to me. We played this for the first time after a long break of board games when we had some family time last week and she loved it so much that she wanted to play it again.

This girl got so lucky that of the six games of Candy Land we played, she won all but one! She kept getting the shortcut and beating me in a span of a few turns. It was fun but she is definitely competitive and it made me wonder if she would have had the same amount of fun if she wasn’t winning. Plus, it made me realize that I was losing but I wasn’t as upset as I used to be.

Activity Three: Play Fortnite:

Like most people, my daughter absolutely LOVES playing Fortnite and honestly, it’s one of our favorite activities we do together as a family of Gamers. Fortnite was my Savior when it came to my daughter crushing me at Candy Land! 😂 My husband and I have been playing Fortnite for a long time. In fact, we played this game long before Battle Royale even came out!

We played a few real matches in No Build Trios (which I love being able to do) and won about four matches until we lost to a sniper when we got caught up in healing each other.

After this, Aubri asked if we could play one of the custom games called Bed Wars Klombo or something like that. Honestly, I was a little grumpy at this point because I didn’t eat anything, and I was confused about what I had to do. It was hectic trying to get in, it was laggy, and I had no idea how to play it. I was pretty upset and anxious that I was doing bad at it (another toxic trait of mine) but I gave it another try and figured out what to do!

Guess what, we won!

But it was time for lunch.

Activity Four: Watch a movie.

After our short lunch break, we decided to watch a movie. To be honest with you, I was super frustrated at this point. I was tired and anxious about a lot of things. It was starting to eat away at me. To be honest, I was dreading the library because I’m afraid of driving. I was trying to trade a bunch of things because I was just tired.

Needless to say, my husband was right. I shouldn’t be doing that.

I’m not used to doing this sort of stuff, I’m really not.

My husband brought in a snack tray filled with strawberries, mangoes, crackers, gummies, and popcorn.

The movie Aubri chose to watch was Disney’s Encanto. Have you heard of it? 😂 I’m usually someone who steers clear from popular things, especially Disney films. However, we considered watching Encanto before today but this really jumpstarted it!

Honestly, it was fantastic! The songs were great and the story was a deeper meaning than I was expecting. I never really looked into what it was about, only knew that it was popular and something about a guy named Bruno. I was pleasantly surprised by this one and is definitely worth the hype.

It made me a little sad that I didn’t grow up with a family unit like this. I love the idea of multiple generations being so close. However, instead of being super upset that I didn’t grow up with this, it made me determined to implement this in the future of our family unit with my kids and any grandchildren I may have in the future. I want to welcome partners.

Plus, it really makes you realize a lot of things but I don’t want to give it all away. I encourage you to give this one a go.

Activity Five: Go to the library.

This is the one I desperately wanted to get out of. I love going to the library but I’m so scared of driving that I never go anywhere unless my husband brings me. But while we were watching the movie, I knew it would be the ultimate ending to our special day by facing that fear for her.

So, I mustered up the courage that whole movie, took my evening Sertraline, and started loading the library books into the bag we bring.

Let me tell you, guys, my daughter LIT up. When we go to the library every other week, we go as a family and we go in alone. However, we are always rushed through it so that we can get back out to my husband and the two little ones.

It took me a lot of courage to leave that house for her. I strapped her in the car and fiddled with my YouTube music so we could listen to her favorite songs with the windows down for the ride to the local library. Honestly, I was so scared but I took a deep breath and started the drive.

Honestly, I felt much better as soon as we were on the road.

While at the library we did four puzzles, picked out our books she did a craft that they set up for the kids, and then she wanted to take a few minutes outside.

While we were outside, she wanted to go sit on the grass and I realized this was a good time to take some pictures. Aubri loves doing this and I took some cute pictures with her!

While we were sitting outside, a girl was walking a pitbull/black lab mix and he was so interested in us that he was jumping on us and covering us with kisses and little love bites that I’m used to.

I want to confess something… I have recently developed a fear of dogs and it’s so crazy because I have never had a problem with them before. I want to assume it’s not dogs I’m afraid of but the loud noises. This dog was named Max and he was such a happy doggy that I felt comfortable and my love for them returned. Maybe we will be getting a puppy when we move into our new place.

With that, we returned home where my husband had already ordered her favorite delivery place and I let her sit outside to eat it while I ate my food in the open doorway.

After dinner, I tucked her into bed, read her story, and cuddled with her. This is often her father’s time but she wanted me to do it.

She was so happy and had a great day!

Final Thoughts:

At the beginning of this blog post I had jotted down five questions and I’m going to quickly answer them to leave this blog post.

  1. How did it impact our relationship?

    Having a dream day for my daughter definitely improved our relationship. Of my three kiddos, Aubri and I have the rockiest relationship due to a lot of things. But honestly, it was a rough time in my life where I developed being angry because of anxiety. Recently I have been repairing our relationship because she really matters to me. This whole thing really helped our relationship and it allowed us to have that 1-on-1 time.
  2. Would doing these things help her behavior?

    We have been struggling with a bit of behavior stuff recently, nothing too bad, but I was curious if doing this was the thing she needed. To no surprise to me, yes this definitely helped her behavior. She was relaxed, she was seen, and she was the one calling the shots. The only time I had to speak to her was when she was throwing sand in the wind and throwing rocks.
  3. What would it do for my thoughts on my motherhood journey?

    As I briefly mentioned before, when we moved out into our first apartment I developed the tendency to be angry with my child out of fear of bothering the neighbors. We lived on the top floor and I was hypersensitive to her running around or dropping her toys. I mention this now because I no longer care about anybody who lives below me. I let my fear of conflict hurt my relationship with my daughter, who was a young toddler at the time, and I refuse to ever allow that to impact somebody else again. So, this little challenge allowed me to realize that I’m not a horrible mother and she doesn’t hate me. In fact, she desperately needed this solo time with her mother. Honestly, I’ve come such a long way and feel a lot better with my motherhood abilities.
  4. What activities would she pick?

    As you saw the things that she wanted to do, I was surprised that she settled on these activities. I wasn’t surprised about her wanting to play Fortnite because she exerts a lot of energy with the activities she chooses. She’s a loud and energetic child, so her wanting to be peaceful at the library and calmly standing outside with me was a pleasant surprise. I realized how badly we both needed that peace in our lives. Honestly, I’m thinking about bringing her to the library alone every single week.
  5. Would I survive until the end of the day?

    This was tiring, I’m not going to lie. But I made it to the end of the day without quitting and honestly, I was about as exhausted as I typically am. It was nice to focus more on her and less on her younger siblings. It was nice to be able to play with her and to focus on that bond between us.

I definitely encourage all of the parents out there to give each of their children a dream day. It will do wonders for your relationship and you both need it.

Thank you for reading and see you in my next post! Don’t forget to like and leave kind comments if you enjoyed it or want to add some thoughts. I love getting to know you all. I appreciate your time for reading and visiting Raising My Three and Me.

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