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What’s In My Kids’ Easter Baskets This Year

Easter is this upcoming Sunday! Are you looking for some last-minute ideas? Here is a little holiday haul for what we are putting in my kids’ Easter baskets this year.

I love Easter so much but it’s one of those holidays that always stress me out. Honestly, it stresses me out the most. I hate that it’s not on a particular day every year. I always worry I’m going to mess it up.

One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube is holiday hauls and now that I have a great method of blogging – I want to start doing that sort of thing here. So, that’s what is going on in this blog post and I hope that it gives my last-minute friends some ideas on basket stuffers or you’re just curious about what we decided to do this year.

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I am not religious but I mean absolutely no disrespect to families who celebrate the religious parts behind Easter. If this bothers you, please feel free to skip this post!

We have three daughters: a six-year-old (Aubri), a two-year-old (Everly), and a one-year-old, 14 months, (Mia) and it took me so long to settle on ideas for the kids. I hope this post serves as a place for ideas in case you’re panicking. Remember that how you celebrate holidays with your family is your decision and not supposed to be a huge pressure. Happy Easter!

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with any links. I do NOT currently get commissioned should you purchase any of these things yourself. I just wanted to link to make it easier for you to find.

Raising My Three and Me presents… what’s in my kids’ Easter baskets this year.

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Okay, time to go back to the content!

The Baskets:

There are so many unique options on what to use to hold the treats for the children, but I decided that it would be best to use a basket.

We went with the same three baskets – these 15″ Bamboo baskets from Target. They were $5 each.

I wanted to buy something special this year that will be used every year from here on out. My oldest daughter got a bunny basket that she has been using almost every year since she was born back in 2015. But, I wanted something that would be the same for the three of them. I fell in love with these custom basket liners from the Etsy shop Porter Lane Home. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy these ones but Etsy is perfect to look for personalized gifts!

These were about $30 each.

We decided to opt-out of grass or any other little filling.

The Stuffers

To make this a little easier, I’m going to split this up by kid. Please note that this is just what we are personally doing. This does NOT include the candy, scroll down for candy!


Cat & Jack Rain Boots (Cece) – Target – $25
Sun Squad Bubble Solution – Target – $1
Buddy Bee Hello Spring Coloring Book For Kids – Amazon – $7.
Arshiner Summer Sundress – Amazon – $24.
MayMoi Washable Tempera Paint Sticks – Amazon – $9.
TeeTurtle Show Your Mood Reversible Octopus Black & Rainbow – Amazon – $15.


Cat & Jack Tiered Ruffle Dress (3T) – Target – $10
Cat & Jack Caroline Rainbow Toddler Boots – Target – $20
Sun Squad Bubble Solution – Target – $1
MayMoi Washable Tempera Paint Sticks – Amazon – $9.
TeeTurtle Show Your Mood Octopus – Sunset & Ocean – Amazon – $15
Robin Jones Easter Basket Coloring Book – Amazon – $7


Cat & Jack Tiered Ruffle Dress (18M) – Target – $10
Magic Years Bunny Bath Toys – Target – $5.
My First Easter Coloring Book – Amazon – $6
TeeTurtle Show Your Mood Octopus – Blue Snowflake + Gray Cloud – Amazon – $15.
Crayola My First Easy-Grip Jumbo Crayons – Amazon – $7.

The Candy:

I’m going to be splitting these up. I know candy isn’t good for you, especially the two young ones, but having a little treat isn’t too bad in my book. The Twix eggs will be split between the older ones, and all three of them will get the Peeps pop and carrot bag. It’s all trial and error here.

Not to mention, the candy-filled plastic eggs. 🐇🧺

Twix Eggs (6 pack) – Wal-Mart – $4.
Reese’s Pieces Carrot Bag – Wal-Mart – $1.
Peeps Rainbow Pop – Wal-Mart – $2.

Final Thoughts:

One of my favorite parts about having kids is being able to pass on that excitement of believing in magical things – especially around the holidays. I never want to raise my children to lose the love of holidays or their birthdays, I can envision being the one to put together a goodie basket no matter how big they are. I’m sure I will continue seeing the chubby-cheeked baby and that excitement of the holidays.

I’m hoping the weather is nice this year.

I hope this blog post helped you with some ideas, or like me, you might enjoy these fun holiday hauls.

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What are you putting in the Easter baskets this year?

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2 responses to “What’s In My Kids’ Easter Baskets This Year”

  1. Aw, Happy Easter! So many lovely goodies, I bet the girls loved them all! I wish I could have some rainbow rain boots too! Haha.

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    1. Thank you, Vanessa! I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend. They were all really happy! The rainbow rain boots are SO cute! You would rock em’. Thank you so much for visiting. (:

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