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What My Goals Are For June 2022

Welcome to June!

Can you believe that we are halfway through a year? It’s been a messy past few years and doing my best to accomplish these mini personal goals helps me stay a little grounded.

If you would like to see how my month of May went as well as the goals I have set for the month of June then keep on reading!

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Hey friends, welcome back to my blog or welcome if this is the first time you’re visiting. I appreciate every reader that stops by and if you’d be so kind, you can subscribe or follow my blog, or can donate to my journey here.

I’m Christina and I’m a married stay-at-home Mom of three daughters ages 6, 2, and 1. This blog was launched in February of 2022 as a last-ditch effort to keep a blog. I like writing about whatever is on my mind.

In May I Had The Following Six Goals:

  • Read every single day (30-day challenge) ☑️ Yes, it was a productive month of trying to improve my reading from rarely to daily. I wrote a blog post about this experience.
  • Have a spring photoshoot ☑️Yes, I did a mini Spring photoshoot the day after Mother’s Day while we were visiting my parents.
  • Make outline for memoir ☑️Yes. I made an outline for a memoir idea that I had of “things I would tell my therapist about if I had one” and honestly, I’m unsure if I will even do anything with it.
  • Make at least three lists ☑️ Done. I did this and the lists that I created were video games on my backlog, story ideas, and things I don’t want to forget about my kids.
  • Take over one of Nate’s Twitch streams. ❌Nope. I decided I didn’t care too much about this one so, I opted out of it.
  • Celebrate motherhood. ☑️Yes! Not only did I get to enjoy motherhood on Mother’s Day, but I also focused on playing with my kids more.

Here are my goals for June:

Organize homeschool things and create a homeschool binder for review:

We are almost finished with another school year but this is the first year that I have to do a review with a certified Maine teacher and I’m nervous.

Not only do I have to get in touch with her in the first place, but my homeschool shelves are heavily cluttered and need to be organized. So, my goal for June is going to be to arrange the shelf and create a homeschool binder for our review.

Do one special thing for myself every day:

As a way to celebrate my birthday month, I want my daily challenge to be doing something special for myself every single day. This can be indulging in a hobby, practicing self-care, or doing something fun for myself.

Create a 30-before-30 List:

My birthday is the 20th and I’m going to be turning 29. 😱 Which means I have one more year left of my 20s. You should probably know by now how much I love making lists and this is the perfect list to create!

By the end of the month, I will have 30 things I will like to complete or try before turning 30. This list is going to be extremely important to me.

Treat myself to something special.

As you can probably tell, this month is all about taking care of myself and doing things that I would like to do. I have been heavily stressed lately so I wanted to love myself a little bit stronger this month.

One of my goals is to be able to treat myself to something that I want for my birthday: a new book, a video game, a notebook – I have no idea!

Watch Jurassic World: Dominion.

I’m a huge dinosaur fan so when I saw the new Jurassic World was coming in June, I was so excited. Although I’m not a major fan of the Jurassic World series, I’m a sucker for a dino film.

I’m excited to see this one and hope it’s better than the second one!

Write 10,000 words in a novel:

I really struggled with putting this one on the list simply because writing is a huge project. I have so many ideas for novels and I need to stop self-sabotaging the process. I don’t even want to try to get published, I just want to write novels.

10,000 words is not a lot, but it’s a start to get the creative juices flowing.

There are my six goals for June 2022! I’m ready for being halfway through the year and have a lot of good things planned. Please be good to me, June!

Remember that you can check my progress on June goals and previous months by going to this page.

Thank you so much for reading, that’s in for me!

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See you guys later. 🥰

2 responses to “What My Goals Are For June 2022”

  1. So many good things in your goals’ list, that’s awesome. I loved reading it. And well done with accomplishing pretty much all your goals in May, it’s very impressive! I also love the fact your adding much more self-care to your list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa! I worked really hard and absolutely love making goals. I definitely needed some more self-care after a busy few months of stress. I hope June is good for you! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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