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What My Goals Are For July 2022

It’s that time again when I check in with my goals for the previous month (June) and share my goals for the month ahead of us.

July is a busy month for our family. Two of our three daughters were born in July. Needless to say, it’s going to be a month full of happy kids and focusing even more on them to make them feel special because their births were happy days of my entire life – besides the excruciating pain of course.

If you would like to see how I did in June and my goals for July then keep on reading!

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Hello friends and welcome to my personal blog where I write about my journey of raising my three and me; somewhere between lifestyle and leisure. If you enjoy my blog, feel free to subscribe or follow my blog to know when I upload something new. Or, you could bookmark my blog if you would like to view for later. I try to upload something new weekly but that’s not always a priority.

I’m Christina and I’m a married SAHM of three daughters. I married my college sweetheart, Nathan, in 2017 and together we have three daughters. Aubri is six (July), Everly is two (July), and Mia is one (February). I like writing about personal growth, parenting, hobbies, and whatever else that strikes inspiration to write about.

As always, thank you for visiting – whether this is your first time or you’ve been on my blog countless times! I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to be here and I hope you enjoy it – this is not a typical blog – this is a space where I get to be myself.

Now back to the post!

In June I had the following six goals:

  • Organize homeschool things and create a homeschool binder for review 🤔 Since we homeschool, we have to have a certified teacher (or a bunch of other methods to prove our kids are learning) review our kids’ progress, I have to put together a binder. I did that (besides a few extra things to do) and I did start the process of reorganizing so the homeschool stuff is in one space and not here, there, and everywhere. Although it’s not finished, I did start it and made excellent progress. I have to add making a writeup and sending it in for review before the 14th. Yikes!
  • Do one special thing for me every day. 🤔 I would probably say this is done but I didn’t end up doing it how I originally thought. I originally wanted to do extra special self-care, but halfway through the month I gave myself the ultimate gift: allowing myself to relax and slow down in life.
  • Create a 30-before-30 list ☑️ I did this! I will be sharing a blog post later of the thirty things I would like to do by next June as I will be turning thirty in a year!
  • Treat me to something special ☑️ Absolutely! I bought so many books thanks to my husband, my parents, and my brother for their kind gifts so I could take advantage of Target’s Buy Two Get One Free for books and I promise I will share a list of books I got this month.
  • Watch Jurassic World Dominion ❌I did not do this. I realized that hanging out at home was better than finding a sitter or bringing the kids to the drive-in to watch the latest installment of Jurassic World. I’m a huge dinosaur fan but I hated the second and hear this one is even worse. I will watch it when I can rent it when it comes to Redbox.
  • Write 10,000 words in story ❌ I didn’t do this and I tried really hard. I just couldn’t get into writing a story and kept getting in my own way. I would write and then hate it to scrap it. I want to get in the habit of writing two stories a year and self-publishing just so I can get myself one copy of my book. ALl I know is I want to write either a romance or a thriller.

Here are my goals for July 2022!

Celebrate Aubri

Our oldest daughter, Aubri, has a birthday next week and she’s turning seven! We have already ordered her stuff and we still need to figure out what she wants to do for her special day. As far as I know, she just wants to stay home and have our entire family play Fortnite with her. I’m excited to celebrate her special day! I really need to see what she wants to do.

Celebrate Everly

Our middle child, Everly, has her birthday at the end of July and she’s turning three! I have no idea what we are doing for her, this is probably the first year she can pick with us. I cannot believe how fast she is growing. She’s really into Barbies and into dinosaurs right now. We will see as the day gets closer but like her older sister, I want to celebrate Everly.

Do the 24-hour reading challenge

Shifting from my kids’ birthdays, I want to try doing the 24-hour readathon challenge. I want to pick a handful of books (I want to read four books this month) and read for 24 hours straight. Now, I’m unsure if I will do it the “official” way of the challenge where I do not sleep and just keep reading – or spare my family grumpiness and go to sleep and resume the timer once I’m awake.

This challenge sounds like fun and maybe I will vlog it!

Read by the water

I would love to bring a book to either my parents’ pool or go to the beach and just read by the water. Nothing screams summer to me quite like sitting by the water. I desperately want to get in the water this year after dealing with stupid Covid and feeling isolated. I’m ready to get out there and enjoy life again.

Summer is my favorite season and I want to do something this year.

Follow a drawing tutorial

I want to improve my drawing skills so this month I would like to do a drawing tutorial on YouTube and see how I do! I’m unsure if I want to do something “simple” or try to learn the basic anatomy of drawing. Maybe I will post this for you to see.

Get the kids out of the house for the day.

We are all a little stir crazy but with my husband going back to work, I can plan to bring the little ones out of the house. Besides their birthdays and July 4th – I want to get them out of the house for the day. Maybe we will have a beach day, or go to a theme park, or the zoo – all I know is I want to get them out of the house for a bit. Probably have a beach day!

Welcome to July and I hope you have a great month!

Thank you so much for reading, that’s it for me today.

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See you guys later. 🥰

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