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What We Got Aubri For Her Birthday

I can’t believe my daughter is turning seven on Friday. S E V E N!

I have no idea how these many years have passed; it feels like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with her; in and out of the hospital for false alarms and painful cervix checks; the traumatic birth experience, and seeing her beautiful little face the first time.

The oldest teaches you so much as you navigate your new role in parenthood. As a new mother, no matter what child number it was, the emotions are intense, raw, and beautifully flawed that it’s nature at its absolute finest.

Today I want to share a little haul of what we got Aubri, our soon-to-be seven-year-old daughter, for her birthday!


My husband and I have decided that for birthdays, we are going to get them two helium balloons for their special day. I loved getting these foil balloons for my birthday and think they are so fun and a great way to show what the child is interested in.

For Aubri, her number balloon is going to be a pastel rainbow and her other balloon is going to be a Fortnite loot crate. My daughter is really into video games, especially Fortnite, so you will be seeing a lot of that in this haul!

My husband had a great idea that we could store her presents in the loot crate so they are going to be wrapped in yellow tissue paper (to mark legendary rarity in the game) and we think she will love it!


We buy our kids a lot of clothes throughout the year as needed but we figured to get her an outfit since she asked for one for her birthday. We wanted to keep the gamer theme throughout this as much as a we could, soI found this cute unicorn, gaming one in pink – her favorite color!

I also just chose a random two pack of shorts from Wal-Mart that she could wear with the shirt. I want her to be comfortable and it’s so cute!

Now on to the other gifts.

A new set of colored pencils

As much as I love that my daughter is starting to develop interests of her own, I want to still get her some stuff to do when it’s not time to be playing video games. She loves to color (when we peel her away from her screen) and I figured it was a good idea to go ahead and order her favorite coloring supply – colored pencils!

I chose this set of 50 from Amazon.

Coloring Books

To go with her new colored pencils, I got her two new coloring books. Both from Jade Summer who makes beautiful colored books for adults and children. What I love about these is they are one-sided pages; which is great if she ever decides to color with markers.

I got the unicorn one and the stuffed animals books.

Now, on to the toys!

As I said before, Aubri is a huge Fortnite fan so I wasn’t surprised that she picked some Fortnite toys for her list!

Fortnite Peely Plushy

The thing she just had to have was for one of her favorite Fortnite characters – a banana called “Peely”. One of her absolute favorites was this adorable little stuffed animal that a cat could use!

I knew that if I could only get her one thing – this would be it! She’s going to be so excited just to see this cute character and I’m sure she will be bringing him to sleep next to her!

Fortnite Trio Mode

She picked a couple of Fortnite sets and one of them was a Wal-Mart exclusive – this set comes with three characters, and comes in a “Trio Mode” where there are three characters: Tomatohead, Beef Boss, and, you guessed it, Peely! It looks like it comes with accessories, weapons, and such.

She’s going to love being able to play with Fortnite even when she’s offline.

Fortnite Turbo Builder Set

Her big present this year is a Fornite building kit where you can snap together wooden pieces like you can in build mode.

My husband and I like to steer clear from that game mode (we have been playing before it even became battle royale game) so to go beside the group of her favorite characters, she can use this to explore with her imagination and creativity.

This set comes with Raven and Jonesy (which I guess she also likes) as well as 81 building materials and some accessories (weapons and harvesting tools) and she’s going to love this!

Final Thoughts

Of course, Aubri wants to have a little day where we will have a pinata in our apartment (how can that go wrong), order a pizza, have ice cream cake (which is already in our freezer) and, you guessed it, be able to play Fornite with our whole family (my parents play Fortnite with her) so, simple and at home.

My husband and I also plan on gifting her whatever she wants from the Fortnite store – I have already gotten her a few things from it, and I have been making this week extra special.

That’s it for me for now, thank you for being here and being kind.

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