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HUGE Book Haul

I’m posting this much later than I thought I would share it. Thank you for your patience!

For my birthday and wedding anniversary, my husband gave me the green light to purchase some books for what was on my empty bookshelf. As much as I love being able to go to the local library, there is so much pressure for me to finish it in a certain amount of time. And, although I can read on my Kindle, I prefer the physical copies.

My parents and brother also gave me some birthday money so I purchased even more. Now that they are all in and I’m overwhelmed with shuffling everything to use my bookshelf, I am finally ready to share.

Although I purchased these books, they will not be included just because I have already read them since purchasing, or I’m currently reading.

  1. Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella (read thoughts here)
  2. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood (read thoughts here)
  3. Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover (read thoughts here)
  4. Beach Read by Emily Henry (review coming soon)
  5. The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L, Walther (currently reading and hope to finish by the end of the week)

So without further ado – here is what is left to read of my MASSIVE book haul.

I included links to the books so you can read what they are about or even choose a book based on the cover! Make sure you check for trigger warnings and check to see if they are a part of a series.

At this time, I am not affiliated with Amazon or any links. Should this change, I will update this post and my policy page!

I hope you enjoyed this list! I plan to make a page here on my blog so I can check them off as I read them! I’m not a book blogger, but I have been enjoying talking about books. I’m already itching to buy more books. 🤔🙃

That’s it for me today!

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See you next time. 🤍

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