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Halfway There! Readathon Update

Shortly after waking up and feeling like a million dollars, the baby woke up so I unwillingly fell back asleep, dreaming that I had finished my book and was doing well!

That didn’t happen. In fact, I’m just now about halfway through 99 Days by Katie Cotugno – which is only the first of five books I had picked out for my TBR.  Which, I’ll admit, was too big to begin with but I was hoping to have finished my first book by now.


I’m on day 45 in this book and I do still like it but that’s because I relate to it. If you’re looking to read this book, this may or may not be a spoiler, so scroll to the next picture to skip it.

Molly didn’t even cheat on Patrick and let’s be real here, they never seemed to be together. Is it morally wrong to sleep with someone else than the one who you’ve been close to? Yeah. But it’s also morally wrong to be such a dick to the girl you claim you love. To belittle and control her to the point she’s afraid to talk.

Patrick was a controlling asshole to Molly. She was so happy to be recruited to the boarding school where she could participate in Track. Something she was passionate about. And oh woe is him, Patrick felt the need to be a dick about it not once but twice about it.

I get it.

In high school, relationships feel so intense. Relationships as a kid and teenager are challenging. You’re raw and develop severe attachment – especially when you go through something serious like the death of a parent as in Patricks case.

But he was not a good boyfriend either. Nobody is a great partner back in high school. You are still learning.

Molly had every right to walk out of that door to go to the baseball game she had committed to for her friends. She claims they were not together when she had sex with Patrick’s older brother, Gabe. I haven’t gotten to that part though, not yet.

Is it right to have sex with your exs brother? No, I guess not. But they all grew up together. They were not strangers. Molly and Gabe made just as much sense as Molly and Patrick because they were all childhood friends. Which is a massive trope in romance: childhood friends to lovers.

Personally, I like Gabe and Molly being together. He seems loving towards her and has been respectful as far as I’ve seen. He’s been there for her and supportive. Their banter is cute and does not fill me with the anxiety I feel with her relationship with Patrick – reminding me of relationships I had in high school.

Anyways, I’m not necessarily condoning the behavior. I think it’s wrong to cheat. I think it’s wrong to have sex with someone who you’re not involved with and shouldn’t be involved with. Again, Im not at that part where it is talked about in depth but as of now, I don’t like Patrick.

Time will tell, I guess!

Readathon Chat

So, I realize I never shared the cover! Here it is.

This challenge has been quite hard on me. I feel both proud and embarrassed? I don’t know. It feels weird to talk about books like this and to find my footing as I go.

I do like writing to you guys though, it feels more natural and personal.

How many of you are reading too?

For me, it’s time to go to the beach and, of course, I’ll be bringing my book!

See you soon. 😄

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