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What My Goals Are For August 2022

Happy August!

You know what time it is (or maybe you don’t if you’re new) but I like to reflect on the goals that I made last month (July) and share some goals that I have for the month ahead.

This month I’m going to be doing things a little bit differently and hope that it goes smoothly because choosing these goals and writing this blog post took me way longer than I’d like to admit!

Feel free to share your goals in the comments below and come back at the end of the month to update!

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Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

In July I had the following six goals:

  • Celebrate Aubri on her birthday: ☑️ Aubri’s birthday was on the 8th and she is officially seven years old. It has been a crazy journey and it’s so interesting to see her interests and passions develop on her own. Our oldest daughter is (obsessed) a huge lover of the game Fortnite. She plays it every single day and gets to bond with my parents while she plays. Aubri wanted to stay home for her birthday and so we got her an ice cream cake, and a pinata, and filled her toys in her own little Fortnite loot crate. My husband and I also spent the whole day before her birthday preparing a creative world in Fortnite just for her with all of her favorite activities so we could have a virtual birthday party for her. We had a lot of fun celebrating her.
  • Celebrate Everly on her birthday:☑️ Everly’s birthday was the last day of July and she wanted to visit my parents for her special day. My dad grilled up some yummy food and my mom was able to see the three of the kids. Like most of our visits, our kids didn’t really want anything to do with us. I like to visit but it always hurts when I have to return back to the isolation of the apartment. Anyway, Evy loved her dinosaurs and other gifts as well as her cake and getting in their big pool. You can check out some birthday pictures over on my Instagram.
  • Do the 24-hour reading challenge: 🤔 If you have been here and actively checking my blog – you will know all about this “24-hour readathon” and although I didn’t complete this how I originally thought it would go, I tried my best to what energy I had. You can read all about this experience through my Readathon updates on my blog.
  • Read by the water:☑️ Yes, absolutely yes! I not only read Beach Read by Emily Henry by the water, which was fitting, I will say, but I read by the water during our weekly beach trip while reading for the readathon.
  • Follow a drawing tutorial:🤔 So, I sort of did this one but it was just a simplistic hummingbird from Pinterest. Honestly, this was nowhere near what I wanted to do but it was a drawing tutorial so I don’t know.🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Get the kids out of the house: ☑️Yes, we have done weekly beach trips this month with our kids. They enjoy finally being outdoors and it’s nice to watch them laugh and be kids.

My Goals For August 2022

Read three books (one needs to be by Colleen Hoover) 📖

The first goal that I have for the month is to read three books. I have been loving getting into reading and it’s shocking to me that I used to struggle reading five books a year and now I’m making a goal of three this month! That’s just… so crazy! I know that when I learned about reading more books I was shocked that to read more books, you have to, you guessed it, READ more books.

Shocking, I know. 😂

Anyway, I hope to read at least three books – but the ultimate goal (or requirement) is to read a book by Colleen Hoover. I’m sure you have heard of her and her writing; beautiful and well-written. I read my first book from her a couple of months ago (Reminders of Him) and it became one of my all-time favorites. I picked it up in hopes of eventually facing her daring novel, Verity, as it scares the 💩out of me.

I have so many books by her on my bookshelf so I struggled a bit with wondering which to pick and ultimately chose All Your Perfects. Make sure you come back to see what other books I read or my thoughts!

As for the other two books, I have been struggling with finding other books – I’ve already shelved one because I was not liking it. Maybe I’m getting into another dreaded reading slump or I’m just trying to find one I’m in the mood for.

We will see, but as long as I read that CoHo book, I count it a win, but yeah, I would like to read three books in August!

Plan and make preparations for homeschool. 💡

Like most parents, I’m getting ready for the upcoming school year.

My daughter, Aubri, is going into her third year of homeschool (she’s a second grader) and this is the first year that I have to do a review with a teacher to share her progress. Honestly, I’m so nervous because I don’t do things like “normal” parents do them. I feel like a failure but I see her progress – it’s just hard to remember that it doesn’t matter what kids her age are learning – just that she’s learning.

I do plan on doing some blog posts on homeschool content so that I can look back on it later and brainstorm.

Not only do I have to get my review done but I have to file some paperwork for this upcoming year, pick what booklets we are using (I use Evan Moor’s TeacherFileBox), need to pay to continue my subscription, and I need to pick some supplies that I need up while they are on sale.

Finish coloring all of the summer pages in my season coloring book: 🎨

One thing that I have always wanted to do and added to my bucket list – is to color every single page in a coloring book. So, I picked out this coloring book by Coloring Book Cafe of the Four Seasons in order to check this one off.

I love coloring and as much as I love good old-fashioned crayons, I wanted to put my Ohuhu alcohol markers to use. I never really liked markers but I was completely drawn to them. So, it was important to me that my coloring book was larger print (I hate intricate coloring books – they stress me out) and single-sided pages. At first glance, I love the pictures!

This coloring book comes with 100 coloring pages from the four different seasons and I have been coloring them. I have about 20 more pages left of the summer season (I accidentally colored a couple Spring ones) so I hope to finish those today. Maybe I will do a flip-through at the end of the month to share the progress?

I love coloring so if you have any other recommendations – definitely let me know!

Give some TLC to my blog (+ publish eight blog posts) 👩🏻‍💻

I have been working so hard on my blog and have learned how to make the images myself. Still, there is a bit of tweaking that I need to do. I’m at the point where I want to schedule monthly maintenance for my blog so that I don’t lose track of what I originally planned to do and then end up wiping my blog and starting from scratch again.

I would like to shift the page so that my bio sections are on the right and the blog posts on the left – and I also want to update information and maybe even work a little bit better on the category images and banner. This goal is more for me and unless you frequently look at my page, you probably won’t notice too much.


I do want to create more content for my blog. I want to challenge myself to upload eight blog posts here this month, including this one. I guess we will see how it goes.

I should be going through my bookmarked pages and Pins that I saved for blog post inspiration so I can declutter my computer a bit from all of the inspiration for future content. I do have some ideas like sharing baby name ideas, party themes, and of course stuff I have gone through and hobbies of mine!

Having no niche except being myself has taken so much pressure off of blogging and I could not be happier with that choice.

Establish a date night with Nathan (4x) (+ one unplugged) 😘

My husband and I have been busy bees with all of the summer events we have from birthdays (mine and our older two daughters) and our wedding anniversary, plus all of the stresses of life, the last thing we have wanted to do is go crazy.

With him doing some massive busy work outside of the home and the three kids getting my cardio workout done by his first break, we are both exhausted by the time our days as parents are “over” and we shift to the night. The last thing we have the energy for is deep conversations and thoughtful and out-of-the-box dates. We have wanted to spend more time together as this is crucial for our relationship.

So, in August I not only want to figure out how we want to do date nights but have four of them together. This does not mean that we are going to be leaving the house or even necessarily doing anything crazy. I just want time with my husband, my best friend, that doesn’t involve worrying that one of the kids is fighting bedtime.

As of right now, I’m thinking that we can do one of the days during the weekend and fit activity in the day or night – depending on where space is available.

Oh, and one of our dates has to be completely unplugged!

Optimize the apartment for more space. 🏠

As our three daughters are getting older, it feels like our apartment is getting smaller. Obviously, I didn’t expect to stay in this little two-bedroom forever. We moved here when our oldest was three and she’s now seven. I honestly thought we were going to be in a house by now, but life happens, and we added two little ones into our family.

But, I also considered moving into a shed for a house or a camper with these three kids so this place is actually pretty spacious.

The problem is that my older two have been dealing with a bit of squabbling and I just want to open up the space a little bit more. I’m not sure the way this will work – maybe it will be a massive declutter, getting better at cleaning as a family, rearranging a bit of the furniture, or making them have separate rooms.

I don’t know, all I know is I want to really think about how to make our home a better place for all of us.

Film and edit four satisfying (to me) videos 📹

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to watch satisfying videos on YouTube. I never really got on board with the ASMR stuff – something about people that whisper into their mic makes me woozy.

However, I love the content where you see the process of cleaning, shopping, restocking, or whatever it is because those videos make my little heart happy. I have been thinking about trying this myself for at least four months now and I’m finally going to start learning how to film and edit them.

I even recorded and edited my first video of cleaning my extremely messy desk and I enjoyed it! But, you know, there is such an ugly watermark and I just don’t have the funding to upgrade yet. I figured that I would deal with a watermark but the location just was not something I wanted to go with.

So, even though I originally wanted to upload the footage – just filming it feels good and that’s enough for me.

I’m hoping that it inspires me to get some things done around my apartment because I definitely need it!

Stop to smell the roses to be and feel happy again. 🌹

When life gives you lemons, it can be hard to accommodate and shift to that bitter taste. Life has a way of making you think like you’re either on top of the world or buried deep inside of it.

I’m at the point where I’m just tired. I’m tired of being hurt. I’m tired of being triggered. I’m tired of being depressed and anxious. I’m tired of both not giving a fuck and crying in the corner because I miss people who are not good for me.

I’m just tired of not feeling like myself.

Healing and personal growth is a journey that never really stops. I guess that’s why I haven’t gone back to counseling and that I’m leaning towards weaning myself from antidepressants (or seeking different meds with my doctor) because I really want to feel alive again. So, yes, I do plan to form a helpful way to move on (seeing a doctor, maybe finding a new therapist, I don’t know) but in the meantime, a little bit of smile therapy should do the trick.

My life has been hard and I have been hurt by every single person I have come in contact with besides my children. But, I just want to be happy again.

While visiting my parents for Everly’s birthday – I had a breakdown where I was crying outside. I miss being able to feel free.

Above all, I miss feeling good about myself and my life.

While we were there, I also came across some “faith in humanity” posts where people would do kind things and you see that sweetness. What I also love about those people, is they show people who are… well… hurting and they are angry.

Happy people do not hurt other people.

Happy people do not excuse their abusive tendencies toward others either.

I was not a happy person and yet, I still never intentionally hurt someone, and believe me, I wanted to.

But I want to finally move on.

So, this month, I want to let go and find things that make me smile. I want to make a list and either share it to put a smile on your face or keep it forever to remember that there are people that are doing well out there.

It’s still worth it to be kind and loving.

That’s it for me, let’s get through August together! Feel free to share your goals in the comments section to give life to your ideas. 🥰💛Then come back at the end of the month to share with me how it went!

Thank you so much for being here, being you, and spending time with me. I will see you next time.

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