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Curriculum Picks For 2022-2023 Homeschool Year

Like most parents, I have been so busy preparing for the upcoming school year. My family has seen homeschooling as our education for our children since our oldest (Aubri who is seven) was born. Between back-to-school shopping and getting admin work done with homeschooling, I finally have a bit of time to sit at my blog and write.

I want to share our curriculum picks for our children – mostly Aubri who is “in the second grade” but also the booklet we chose for our middle (Everly who is three) to open up if she would like to be a part of the school. Really, homeschooling younger toddlers and babies are so hard but there are so many ways to homeschool. Which I love!

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There are so many reasons a family makes a decision for their child and homeschooling is just one of those reasons. I was in a public school as was my husband – but homeschooling feels right for our family. Maybe I will make a blog post about all of the reasons why we chose to homeschool our kids but anyways, these are our picks!

We live in the state of Maine and there are a bunch of courses required we have no hourly requirement but are obligated to teach our children for 175 days of the year. If I’m being honest, I firmly believe that kids are always learning and do not need to sit down every school day. We have to teach our children in areas of English, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health Education, Physical Education, Library Skills, computer proficiency, and Maine studies but both of those are required when she’s a lot older.

For the sake of this blog post, I’m going to be sharing the workbooks I chose for English, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies as they are the core courses that are needed. I do not have the curriculum for any electives picked or to show you today.

Without further ado – let’s get on to the point of the post where I share my curriculum picks for my seven-year-old and my three-year-old for this year.

What my seven-year-old is using:

English & Language Arts



Social Studies

What my three-year-old is using:

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I hope you enjoyed seeing the curriculum that I chose for my daughters for the 2022-2023 school year. If you’re a homeschooling family, feel free to let me know down below in the comments section!

Thank you so much for being here, being you, and spending time with me. I will see you next time.❣️

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