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Last updated: April 09, 2022.

I’m not a legal expert nor pretend to be one and all of this was written to the best of my knowledge and abilities. Should you know a better way to write them, feel free to reach out to me by Email (beyondjustmom@gmail.com) with your kind advice.


The internet is a scary place, I get it! Here on my blog, I gather information such as your name, email address, and website if you choose to leave one. I make it so you have to sign in to comment for safety reasons. I do NOT sell or distribute your information.

I can see the countries that have accessed my blog and use this just as an interest in how far my blog has made it. I do not track IP addresses here on my site.

This is the dashboard that I see when I log into my statistics dashboard where I see posts that are doing well, searches, files, referrers, country, and clicks. I use this for ideas in the future. The red crossed out are other bloggers as I do not want to publicly share their names in case of privacy.

When you comment on my blog, this is what I see in my section. As you can tell, I see the name, website, and comment. I hold all comments for moderation and you are required to be logged in to leave one. Comments are subject to my approval.

All comments that are approved are shown at the bottom of the post that the comment was left on for all readers to see. Should you want to reach out privately, please do so by email.

When you choose to receive updates (thank you) to my blog, you can either follow with your free WordPress account at the bottom right (you can choose if or how you receive notifications by email or through the built-in reader) or enter your email address. Depending on what you decide to do, I can see your name and account. I NEVER sell this information or send you anything except when a new blog post goes live, this is automatic. You can always choose to unsubscribe at the bottom of these emails, but I hope you stick around!


I understand that this is the internet but you are NOT allowed to be rude here to me or others. I expect you to keep your negative or rude comments to yourselves.

I often write from real-life experiences and expect to keep this a safe place.

I might write about you in the future if you know me in real life, and do not do this to be malicious. I often use my blog as a place of reflection. I don’t use names or intentionally hurt anyone. If you don’t like me, don’t be here.

My blog is NOT suitable for children. I talk about parenting in regards to the holidays and write about sensitive topics. Please let me know if your child is on my page as I can block them from my site.

I might write about mental illness. I am NOT a medical professional. Please do NOT use my ideas in lieu of medical advice. Speak to the professionals if you need advice. Thank you.


I might be offered free products or be commissioned for writing. Should this be true, I will clearly state it in the post and you can be assured that all opinions are my own. I will never be paid to lie to my audience about a service or product.

At this time I’m not affiliated with any products. If this should change, this page will be updated and posts will clearly state this.

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