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Wash Away From Rock Bottom

Today was the first time I felt like my mental health was preparing to skyrocket. That might be a little bit optimistic since so many factors go into mental health. Both things are and are not in my control capabilities. I spent last night curled up reading the book I borrowed from our local library…

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I’m Struggling With Writing A Blog Post

If I’m being honest, I’m just not in the mood to be writing. I miss the excitement I used to feel when I would start writing a blog post, or that freeing feeling as I type. It used to only take me 5-20 minutes tops in order to write and publish a piece. But somewhere…

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What My Goals Are For September 2022

How are we already in September? 😲 With summertime officially coming to an end this month, there are a bunch of shifts in my personal life too. We are starting our school year back up next Monday (we’re excited but yikes) and the world around us shifting with the bright colors of the leaves and…

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Curriculum Picks For 2022-2023 Homeschool Year

Like most parents, I have been so busy preparing for the upcoming school year. My family has seen homeschooling as our education for our children since our oldest (Aubri who is seven) was born. Between back-to-school shopping and getting admin work done with homeschooling, I finally have a bit of time to sit at my…

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What My Goals Are For August 2022

Happy August! You know what time it is (or maybe you don’t if you’re new) but I like to reflect on the goals that I made last month (July) and share some goals that I have for the month ahead. This month I’m going to be doing things a little bit differently and hope that…

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Books I Read In July + August TBR

I’m so excited to be able to share more of my passion for reading on my blog! I have had a lot of fun being able to actually enjoy myself again and reading is one of those things that feels good. I love being able to see someone’s idea turn into a novel and love…

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In Conclusion | Readathon Finale

The readathon is wrapping up and I stopped reading two hours ago. I’m absolutely burnt up with reading that I’m going to stop here! After an (almost) 24 hours of forcing myself to read – I was able to finish a book! True, I didn’t get a lot more than that done. I figured I…

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Halfway There! Readathon Update

Shortly after waking up and feeling like a million dollars, the baby woke up so I unwillingly fell back asleep, dreaming that I had finished my book and was doing well! That didn’t happen. In fact, I’m just now about halfway through 99 Days by Katie Cotugno – which is only the first of five…

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Good Morning! Readathon Update

I’m so happy that I made the decision to not fight my exhaustion as I was drifting to sleep by the time I was writing. I worried that I would feel more guilty not being awake the full time. I contemplated it. But, sleep is important – especially when you’re a stay-at-home parent. I woke…

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First Check-In

It’s currently 11:16 in the evening as I write this quick update. Im already feeling exhausted. I have started 99 Days by Katie Cotugno since my last post. I don’t want to spam updates for my email friends and really don’t see me using Instagram too; although I had included my link while I signed…

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My First (Reverse) Readathon Begins

If you remember, one of my goals for July was to read for 24 hours and lo and behold, there’s an official readathon going on, right now! This will be my first ever reading challenge and really my first time participating. Although a lot more people plan to be active, I probably wont be as…

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What We Got Everly For Her Birthday

Our middle baby is turning three at the end of the month – it’s crazy having two kids with the same birthday month! I feel like we just did this and I wonder how their birthdays are going to shift as they get older. I do my absolute best to make sure they get the…

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Drowning In The Stress of Society

The world is heavy. I’m starting to wonder if it has always been; I feel like I have slipped underwater, eyes firmly closed shut, and desperately kicking back to the surface. I wonder if I have just been blind far too long. I have this constant, overwhelming anxiety that something bad is about to happen.…

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HUGE Book Haul

I’m posting this much later than I thought I would share it. Thank you for your patience! For my birthday and wedding anniversary, my husband gave me the green light to purchase some books for what was on my empty bookshelf. As much as I love being able to go to the local library, there…

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What We Got Aubri For Her Birthday

I can’t believe my daughter is turning seven on Friday. S E V E N! I have no idea how these many years have passed; it feels like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with her; in and out of the hospital for false alarms and painful cervix checks; the traumatic birth…

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What My Goals Are For July 2022

It’s that time again when I check in with my goals for the previous month (June) and share my goals for the month ahead of us. July is a busy month for our family. Two of our three daughters were born in July. Needless to say, it’s going to be a month full of happy…

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Rethinking My Why

I have been blogging for seven years and after realizing how boring writing for companies is, I learned that it was time to go back to the drawing board and rethink my why. Why I started a blog in the first place: I decided to create my first official blog a few months before I…

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What My Goals Are For June 2022

Welcome to June! Can you believe that we are halfway through a year? It’s been a messy past few years and doing my best to accomplish these mini personal goals helps me stay a little grounded. If you would like to see how my month of May went as well as the goals I have…

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I Tried Reading For 30 Days

This is the last day of May and I feel as though I haven’t focused on my blog in a long time. One of my goals for the month was to read every single day. I didn’t go in with a firm guide on this goal because I know how easily I give up and…

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7 Reasons I Fell In Love With My Husband

My husband and I got married on June 17th back in 2017, a few days before my birthday. That makes it one more month down to the day until we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. Like most married couples, I learned pretty quickly that the stress of planning a wedding is only the beginning.…

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12 Books On My TBR Shelf

An ultimate goal that I’m working on now is becoming a better reader. In fact, my goal for the month is to read every day, and I have been doing it! I have already DNFed a book that I just struggled getting into, finished reading a book (Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson) and I’m…

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10 Things I Enjoy About Motherhood

The only thing that I clearly envisioned as a kid was growing up and having a child of my own. If you are a frequent reader, then you would probably already know this. Motherhood is something that I have always wanted in my life. It’s totally cool if you don’t want children and I sympathize…

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10 Ideas I’ve Had Lately To Change My Life

A human has over 6,000 thoughts a day and I’m no stranger to a racing mind. I thought it would be interesting to write this week’s blog post to share ten ideas that I have had lately that would change my life. But before I get into it, I wanted to say that my blog…

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The Deer Who Helped My Clearing

Opening your eyes underwater can cause a lot of discomfort; it’s blurry and your immediate instinct is to shut your eyes. But, if you go underwater with goggles, it’s a whole new experience. Having goggles will change everything. You can look around and see more than a blurry mess, or the burn of chlorine if…

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What’s In My Kids’ Easter Baskets This Year

Easter is this upcoming Sunday! Are you looking for some last-minute ideas? Here is a little holiday haul for what we are putting in my kids’ Easter baskets this year. I love Easter so much but it’s one of those holidays that always stress me out. Honestly, it stresses me out the most. I hate…

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I Gave My Daughter Her Dream Day

What would happen if you gave your child their dream day? I tried it and this is how it went! My oldest daughter asked to be a part of my blog and so we were looking for ideas on what to write together. I had this idea creep up inside of me, and I was…

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I Wanted To Quit But I Wrote This Instead

Rock bottom is notorious for being the biggest liar and can have you feeling like you are never going anywhere. I have found myself in another rut and it’s annoying even to me. I have started and quit blogging so many times and feel like a broken record. I have left and returned to the…

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A Tour of My Notion

To plan with physical or digital planners – that is the question. I was always that kid that thrived better with organization skills. I absolutely loved the start of a new school year to purchase supplies and receive the free agenda book that my school would hand out. My favorite part of my day is…

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